Stacy Erin takes a look through her own eyes at the many sex subjects people often want to avoid talking about, but at the same time are very curious about. Threesome’s, oral sex, blow your mind orgasms and much more! Stacy’s unique and direct comments, ideas and practical tips aren’t theory, they tested directly by her, on her and by her on her partners.

Some might think of Stacy as bi-sexual or others might call her straight but bi-curious. She likes to think of herself as just “open.” She says; “I am open to the possibilities of sex and the pleasure I can derive and give others during this very personal and pleasurable experience together. Sometimes I have just been fucking for fun and other times it is with my intimate partner(s) as we explore and get to know each other and the depths of our pleasure.”

Stacy brings her personal and extensive experience with men, women and couples to the pages of her books, not as erotic entertainment only, but so you can learn and grow from her experiences, to create your own personal stories as you want them to be.

Whether you are just “curious” or you really want to be become great in bed or hear how to play out some of your fantasies; Stacy’s books are must reads!

They are available on Amazon for download…

Oral Sex for Him & Her: Discover The Art of Giving Mind Blowing Oral Sex

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Going Down


This is the perfect book for you if you want to learn how to go down on your partner and/or on each other. Separated in to two sections for your convenience, one of these sections is devoted to how to go down on a man while the other focuses on how to go down on a woman. This book is perfect for spicing up your sex life or just improving the amazing sex that you are already having. Filled with little known techniques, this book is sure to lead to mind blowing orgasms all around. It’s a great way to jump-start the conversation, get great at “giving” or just spice up what you already know. By the end of this book, you will be a master of providing oral sex.

Make Her Scream in Bed & She’ll Beg You for More!

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Her Orgasm

Guys, are you concerned about whether you are totally fulfilling your partner in bed? Do you think someone before you has done it better? Is your partner “faking it” in the bedroom?

If you are like most guys, you have wondered occasionally. In this book, Stacy gives you her inside knowledge of the best sex she has ever had and describes exactly how you can be sure you are a king in the bedroom. In fact she says that if you use her techniques, you will have your woman begging you for more.

In this revealing book, you will be given the exact methods Stacy has experienced with men and woman. You will find her straight talk about what you can and should do as well as descriptions of the techniques, refreshing and informative. Be ready to learn some things that it is unlikely your partner will or has told you.

Now if you are a woman reading this and confident enough in your relationship with your partner, you might want to buy this for him. (or her) The truth is, how can you expect someone to just be born “great in bed?” Like most things in life, to be great at something takes some study and practice. And the old saying; “practice makes you perfect” doesn’t apply if you aren’t practicing the right things.

Guys, it is “perfect practice makes you perfect!”

Stacy’s book gives you that ability to start perfect practicing on your partner and your partner will be very glad you found this book.

You will be a better lover for having read single every page of this book. So study up and get ready to learn how to blow her mind and leave her begging for more!

Blow His Mind in Bed & He Will Beg You For More!

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Blow His Mind

This hot book by Stacy Erin is dedicated to the art of pleasing your man. With these new tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have him moaning. The tips start out easy and get progressively more involved. Stacy Erin talks you through some tips and techniques that are not often known or talked about. She takes them from her own considerable experience of blowing her partner’s mind in bed. In addition to some amazing new techniques, Stacy also talks about how to talk dirty and how to do sexy role-play. By the time you’re done with this book you’re going to be blowing his mind regularly and making him beg you for more. If you have ever wanted to control your man in the bedroom and blow is mind, then this is the book for you.

Threesomes: Should I Have One? (Likely): All Your Questions Answered: If, How, Why, Where & More!

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Should I Have One

The renowned Stacy Erin talks you through whether you as the “third” person in a threesome should venture into the lifestyle. It’s easy to say, sure just jump in and maybe you should. But there are many considerations of with who, where do you meet, the emotional implications and then what to actually do when you are there. Not just in the bed, but before as well.

By following the steps outlined in this book, soon you’ll be on your way to having amazing threesomes if that is what you choose.


The book starts off with evaluating whether or not you should have a threesome. It helps you lay out what you want to get from the threesome. Then it’s all about finding the couple that’s right for you! There’s a lot of things that people don’t think of before they have a threesome. Stacy Erin, the haver of many threesomes of all types, has seen it all and shares her expertise with you in this hot book. It really is a must read, even for curiosity, but especially if you are considering being the third into the bed of another couple.

Threesomes: Should We Have One? YES!: All Your Questions Answered: If, How, Why, Where & More!

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Should We Have One? Yes!

All Your Questions Answered: If, How, Why, Where & More!

This threesome-fun guide gives you an in depth look into the threesome from the couple’s perspective. This book will help you from the starting point–opening a discussion with your partner about bringing a third into your sex life — to the final destination – and the actual playtime with the new person you’ve chosen. With candid, revealing writing, Stacy shares her own experiences from her couple experience to being the single woman involved in the lifestyle. You’ll gain invaluable insight into the threesome to prepare you for your own adventure should you choose to go down that road. After reading though, you as a couple will be fully informed to make your choice.

Swinging For Newbies: Discover if This is a Lifestyle Choice For You

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Swinging For Newbies:

Discover if This is a Lifestyle Choice For You


(promotional blurb) Thinking about getting involved in the swinging lifestyle? This highly informative and entertaining book will offer a peek into this ever popular trend of “Swinging,” along with a sensible “how to” approach. This new book on an old subject offers insights and considerations for the time we live in. Follow Julie and Phil, a midwestern couple, as they embark on their first swinging experience and learn about “the lifestyle” and its many dimensions.